The Booming Mobile Landscape – Battling Fraud in a Card-Not-Present World

The landscape of mobile commerce (mCommerce) is expanding at an unprecedented rate. With card-not-present transactions witnessing a remarkable 51% growth from 2019 to 2021, the convenience and accessibility of mobile shopping are more apparent than ever (Visa, 2022).

However, this growth is shadowed by a significant increase in fraudulent activities, highlighting the urgent need for effective solutions like 3DS SDK to combat mobile commerce fraud. Disputes in these transactions have also risen by 29% during the same period, totalling nearly 8 million cases in 2021. Visa reports that an alarming 80% of these disputes are fraudulent, leading to annual losses exceeding $25 billion (Visa, 2022).

Challenges of Card-Not-Present Fraud and the Importance of 3DS SDK

Operating without traditional security measures like chip-and-pin verification, card-not-present environments face unique challenges in fraud detection. The frictionless nature of mCommerce, which prioritises speed and convenience, often sacrifices robust authentication, paving the way for unauthorised transactions. The absence of 3-D Secure (3DS) SDK, a secure authentication protocol designed for mobile transactions, exacerbates these challenges.

Benefits of 3DS SDK Integration

Implementing 3DS SDK can dramatically enhance security and user experience in mCommerce:

  • Enhanced Security: Utilises biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition, providing more secure verification than passwords alone (GPayments, 2023).
  • Risk-Based Assessments: Only high-risk purchases trigger authentication, reducing inconvenience for legitimate customers.
  • Seamless User Experience: Authentication methods like out-of-band notifications help minimise cart abandonment (GPayments, 2023).

Impact on User Experience and Authentication Outcomes

Neglecting 3DS SDK integration can lead to negative user experiences and compromised security:

  • User Experience: Heavy authentication methods may lead to increased cart abandonment and customer frustration.
  • Security Risks: Without robust authentication, users are more vulnerable to fraud, potentially leading to financial losses and identity theft.
  • Increased Disputes and Chargebacks: Fraudulent transactions often result in financial losses for businesses and damage customer relationships.

Countering mCommerce Fraud with 3DS SDK

3DS SDK is crucial for combating mCommerce fraud effectively:

  • Data Collection: Gathers comprehensive risk assessment data, including device information and geolocation.
  • Security Checks: Alerts about potential threats like jailbroken devices and SDK tampering, ensuring app integrity.
  • Challenge Transaction Flow: Maintains a consistent and frictionless authentication experience within the app, eliminating redirections.


The surge in mCommerce offers significant opportunities but requires stringent security measures to manage the rising tide of fraud effectively. Implementing 3DS SDK is essential for businesses aiming to protect their operations and customer relations in the mobile shopping arena. By enhancing security and user experience with 3DS SDK, businesses can tap into the full potential of mCommerce while ensuring a safe and trusted environment for their customers.

FAQ Section

What is mCommerce?

Mobile commerce, or mCommerce, involves purchasing and selling goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Why is card-not-present fraud a concern in mCommerce?

Card-not-present transactions do not require physical verification of the card, making them more susceptible to fraud compared to traditional in-person transactions.

How does 3DS SDK improve mCommerce security?

3DS SDK enhances security by using biometric authentication and conducting risk-based assessments, which help in detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions.

What are the benefits of integrating 3DS SDK for businesses?

Integrating 3DS SDK can reduce fraudulent transactions, minimize disputes and chargebacks, and improve user satisfaction by offering a seamless and secure shopping experience.


At a Glance

Imagine you’re shopping on your phone—that’s called mobile commerce, or mCommerce. It’s growing really fast and lots of people love it because it’s super easy. But, there’s a big problem: more people are cheating and trying to steal money, which is called fraud. This fraud has grown a lot, with almost 8 million cheating cases just in 2021!

To stop this cheating, there’s a special tool called 3DS SDK. It helps make sure that the person buying stuff online is really who they say they are. It can check things like fingerprints or even recognise your face, which makes shopping much safer.

But, if online stores don’t use tools like 3DS SDK, shopping can get annoying because it might be hard to check out, or even unsafe because it’s easier for thieves to steal. So, using 3DS SDK helps everyone shop safely and happily, keeping the bad guys away and making sure no one gets frustrated while buying something online.