Frictionless Authentication: What It Is & How It Works? 

Did you know that $56 billion was lost due to identity fraud last year? Luckily, there are various ways of fraud prevention. Secure payments utilising multi-factor, passwords, and biometrics are standard payment authentication processes. However, 3D Secure 2 provides a frictionless authentication experience for online payments. This means that the process is easy for customers, with no extra steps or passwords to remember. 

But what is frictionless authentication? This blog post will discuss how frictionless authentication works and how it can benefit your business. 

What Is Frictionless Authentication? 

Frictionless authentication is a type of authentication that does not need the user to go through extra steps or remember different passwords. 

This makes it easier for customers because they do not have to worry about extra steps. 

What Are Its Benefits? 

Frictionless authentication offers several benefits for businesses 

These benefits include, but are not limited to: 

  • Increased security 
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Reduced fraud 

3D Secureis a way to make sure that online payments are secure. Frictionless authentication adds an extra layer of security by not requiring users to remember any other passwords. 

This makes it simpler for customers and can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. In addition, 3D Secure is designed to reduce fraud, meaning that frictionless authentication can further reduce this by making it harder for fraudsters to access customer accounts. 

How Does Frictionless Authentication Work? 

3D Secure is a way to make sure online payments are secure. This system uses multiple layers of security to protect businesses and customers from fraud. One of these layers is called frictionless authentication. This means that people do not need to remember many different passwords. Instead, 3D Secure uses a combination of the customer’s device, browser, and 3D Secure SDK to verify the customer’s identity. This system is designed to make it easy for customers while still providing a high level of security. 3D Secure is constantly evolving to stay ahead of fraudsters and provide the best possible experience for customers. 

How Can It Be Used to Improve Security for Online Users? 

Frictionless authentication is an excellent way to ensure that people are who they say they are when Card Not Present (CNP) transactions are being made. This makes it more difficult for criminals to get the information to make fraudulent purchases.  Frictionless authentication can help reduce fraud by making it harder for criminals to make purchases under the pretence of being a customer.  When used in conjunction with other security measures, such as 3D Secure, frictionless authentication can provide a high level of security for online and CNP transactions. 

What Are Some of the Challenges Associated with Frictionless Authentication? 

One of the challenges associated with frictionless authentication can be difficult to implement. 3D Secure is a complex system and adding frictionless authentication can add to this complexity. In addition, frictionless authentication requires merchants to have 3D Secure-enabled cards to work. This can be a challenge for businesses that do not have 3D Secure-enabled cards, as they will need to obtain these cards to offer frictionless authentication to their customers. 

Another challenge associated with frictionless authentication can be difficult to troubleshoot. If there are problems with the process, it can be difficult to determine where the problem lies. This can be a challenge for businesses unfamiliar with 3D Secure or frictionless authentication. 

How Can You Overcome These Challenges? 

There are challenges associated with frictionless authentication. One way to overcome these challenges is to partner with a company specialising in 3D Secure, such as GPayments, which can help businesses avoid some of the complexity associated with implementing frictionless authentication. Many customers are not familiar with 3D Secure or frictionless authentication, which means companies such as GPayments can help educate customers on the benefits of 3D Secure and frictionless authentication.  

How Will Frictionless Authentication Online Payments Impact Online User Behaviour in the Future? 

Frictionless authentication will have a positive impact on online user behaviour in the future. As more businesses adopt 3D Secure and frictionless authentication, customers will become more familiar with these processes. This will lead to increased confidence in online payments and increased adoption of 3D Secure and frictionless authentication. As 3D Secure 2 and frictionless authentication become more widely adopted, the potential risks associated with these processes will decrease. 

Frictionless Authentication SDK: Get Started Today 

Frictionless authentication is a new security measure that is being adopted by many businesses. If you are interested in implementing 3D Secure and would like your business to benefit from frictionless authentication, you should consider partnering with GPayments, a leader in the 3D Secure industry.  Get started today and take advantage of the benefits of 3D Secure and frictionless authentication with GPayments! Request a demo now!