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GPayments ActiveMerchant and Mastercard® Identity Check®

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The latest release of GPayments’ MPI, ActiveMerchant, has achieved compliance certification for Mastercard® Identity Check® (3-D Secure™ protocol).

According to Mastercard:

MasterCard Identity Check will put identity verification at the cardholder’s fingertips using technologies such as biometrics and SMS-delivered one-time passwords.

Mastercard® Identity Check® (IDC) is the successor to the existing Mastercard® SecureCode™ authentication program and although it uses the current 3D Secure 1.0 protocol, it is designed to complement existing solutions with new functionality that will be available with EMV 3DS 2.0. Although Mastercard® Identity Check® supersedes Mastercard® SecureCode™ it is completely compatible with it.

The new version of ActiveMerchant (v5.3.2), along with supporting Mastercard IDC, features performance updates to core modules and improved support for newer database versions.

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