Introducing ActiveAccess Service: The Premier Access Control Server (ACS) for Card Issuers

GPayments, a leading provider of innovative fraud prevention solutions, is proud to announce the launch of ActiveAccess Service, a powerful and adaptable Access Control Server designed specifically for the card issuing industry. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, ActiveAccess Service revolutionises fraud prevention, empowering card issuers with unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and security. 


ActiveAccess Service offers a comprehensive suite of features that not only elevate card issuer operations to new heights but also empower issuers to provide their cardholders with a more frictionless shopping experience. With adaptable integration of cardholder data with existing banking systems, flexible Risk Based Authentication (RBA) and Out of Band (OOB) integrations with both in-software and 3rd party solutions, and the ability to efficiently manage multiple issuers on a single system, ActiveAccess Service streamlines processes and enhances productivity. Additionally, its decoupled authentication expands flexibility, simplifies merchant whitelisting, and empowers secure transactions through dynamic linking.   


“We are thrilled to introduce ActiveAccess Service to the card issuing space,” said Bahram Boutorabi, CEO and Founder of GPayments. “Our solution is designed to address the unique needs of issuing banks, payment processors, and companies issuing cards, offering unparalleled benefits and an exceptional user experience.”  


GPayments has established itself as a leading provider of fraud prevention solutions, trusted by businesses worldwide. With a strong track record of delivering cutting-edge technologies, GPayments continues to innovate in the field of fraud prevention. Joining ActiveServer Service (a 3DS Server solution for Merchants and Payment Gateways), ActiveAccess Service represents another significant milestone in GPayments’ commitment to providing industry-leading solutions that combat fraud and help clients build trust through their business relationships.  


ActiveAccess Service sets itself apart from the competition by providing comprehensive support for the card schemes, flexible integration options, and the ability to add support for additional card schemes upon request. With a dedicated account manager and a responsive support team, clients can rely on GPayments’ expertise and commitment to exceeding customer expectations. ActiveAccess Service fully complies with industry standards such as EMVCo, PCI-DSS and PCS-3DS, ensuring the highest level of security, compliance, and data protection.  


While ActiveAccess Service is a newly launched product, GPayments’ dedication to excellence has already garnered recognition within the fraud prevention space. Their innovative solutions have helped businesses worldwide mitigate risk, combat fraud, and safeguard their operations.  


“At GPayments, we are passionate about working closely with our partners and equipping them with the tools they need to protect themselves from fraud,” added Bahram Boutorabi. “With ActiveAccess Service, card issuers globally can experience enhanced security, streamlined operations, and peace of mind.”  


ActiveAccess Service is now available for use. You can learn more about how it can benefit your operations by visiting the GPayments website at or contacting 

About GPayments  

GPayments has established itself as a dominant force in the market for over three decades, emerging as a frontrunner by delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of Fraud Prevention. By implementing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), we ensure a trustworthy Fraud Prevention procedure that inspires confidence.   


At the core of our operations is the commitment to design, build and implement solutions, according to globally recognised standards such as EMVCo. This encompasses the incorporation of 3D Secure authentication, and compliance with both global and local card schemes. Our suite of solutions is designed to meet the needs of our wide array of clients.