GPayments is now open in Tokyo!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new office in Tokyo! In the heart of Japan’s busiest city, Tokyo is the perfect place for our office expansion.  This office has been set up to distribute our new 3-D Secure (3Dセキュア) solutions and to offer support to our clients.

GPayments is a company focused on delivering authentication products for online transactions and providing a range of solutions for card schemes, financial institutions, online service providers, merchants and cardholders.

As a founding member of Visa International’s 3-D Secure Forum and having worked closely with Mastercard on their Secure Payment Application protocol, GPayments has a long history and intimate knowledge of online authentication and payment security requirements. In addition, GPayments was one of the first to offer certified 3-D Secure products in the Asia Pacific region.

3-D Secure 2 is a new global authentication standard that has been developed by EMVCo in response to new and evolving payment methods. Our 3D Secure 2 solutions will be available for early adopters later this year, with general release in early 2019.

Since 2003, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. has distributed GPayments’ 3-D Secure solutions in Japan. While Oki Electric will not distribute our 3-D Secure 2 products, they will continue to support GPayments’ 3DS1 MPI product, ActiveMerchant.

If you have any queries in relation to the new 3-D Secure 2 protocol, our 3-D Secure 2 solutions and implementation options, please contact us at:

For more information about our Japan office, please visit our Japanese website at: