GPayments Celebrates Five Years of ActiveServer’s Success: A Milestone Marking Exceptional Service and Innovation in the 3DS Ecosystem 

5-year anniversary of GPayments' ActiveServer

9th May 2024, Sydney, Australia – In a significant industry milestone, GPayments marks the fifth anniversary of ActiveServer, its pioneering 3D Secure Server. ActiveServer, a cornerstone in the 3DS ecosystem, has provided unparalleled reliability and performance, ensuring secure and seamless transaction authentication for millions worldwide. Thisanniversary celebrates ActiveServer’s journey towards becoming a critical tool in the fight against fraud and a catalyst for secure ecommerce growth. 


Since its inception, ActiveServer has set the standard in the 3DS landscape with its strong compatibility with both local and international card schemes, making it a preferred solution for global and regional businesses alike. Its remarkable track record boasts an historical uptime of 99.99999% over five years*, demonstrating GPayments’ commitment to reliability and customer trust. Over the past three years, ActiveServer has maintained a flawless 100% service uptime*, reflecting its operational excellence and leading-edge technology. 


“We are immensely proud of ActiveServer’s achievements over the past five years,” said Brett Chapman, Head of Fraud Products at GPayments. “It has not only stood as a beacon of reliability in the 3DS ecosystem but has also continually improved the authentication rates essential for our clients. Our commitment to integrating a wide array of both major and domestic card schemes has been crucial in broadening our authentication capabilities and significantly enhancing transaction success rates globally. This milestone not only extends our operational excellence but also reaffirms our dedication to adapting to the diverse needs of our clients.” 


Looking ahead, GPayments remains committed to expanding ActiveServer’s capabilities by integrating more domestic and international card schemes. This enhancement aims to provide merchants and acquirers with broader authentication options, further empowering them to secure their transactions against fraud and ensuring a frictionless user experience for customers. This development underscores our ongoing investment in technology and innovation, aimed at maintaining our leadership in the 3D Secure environment. 


As we celebrate this significant anniversary, GPayments continues to set benchmarks in the 3DS industry with ActiveServer. Our journey over the past five years has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a steadfast focus on customer needs. We look forward to forging new paths and achieving greater milestones in the years to come. 


*We strive for consistently high uptime metrics; however, actual service performance may occasionally be influenced by external factors, such as directory server/card scheme delays or outages.


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