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Slip an e-wallet in the organiser

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An electronic wallet application for mobile devices is being offered by Sydney company GPayments.

The subsidiary of Creative Digital Technology expects to have the first regional partner for its ActiveWallet signed within six months.

ActiveWallet, designed to operate on personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as Palm Pilots and systems running Windows CE, lets businesses and consumers manage orders, bills and transactions anywhere.

“We are giving a lot of mobility and adding value to these devices. They are now able to function as a transaction enabling device,” GPayments business development executive Steven Dujin said.

The ActiveWallet can store personal and corporate details such as credit card numbers and shipping addresses.

Consumers can also use direct debit cards over the Internet without their personal identification number being recorded or traced, using a unique security feature.

The server-based application stores a user’s details at a central location such as a bank. The user can access the same information from any device connected to the internet.

“A user could start paying bills using ActiveWallet on a PC at work and then complete the process using a PDA on a train or bus,” Mr Dujin said.



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