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GPayments’ 3DS Server achieves compliance for 3DS2 with all major card schemes

GPayments’ new 3DS Server product for 3D Secure 2.0 is now certified by all major card schemes The latest release of GPayments’ 3DS Server product “ActiveServer” has achieved compliance certification for all major global card schemes, including Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check, American Express SafeKey 2.0, JCB J/Secure 2.0, and Discover ProtectBuy. Further, ActiveServer includes […]

How to authenticate digital wallet users with 3DS2

The proliferation of alternative payment solutions and mobile technologies has changed how we do business. On one side, technology is helping eCommerce grow and on the other side, it is making it easier for scammers to cheat and steal. Customer identity verification is a significant challenge today, especially when it comes to online transactions. The […]

Tokenisation in the Payments Industry – Providing Security, Compliance, and Convenience

Tokenisation is a simple process, in theory, although the complexities of the various implementations can increase its sophistication. Tokenisation entails the breaking up of a piece of information, or assets, into a series of mathematical tokens and including them as a dynamic component with each transaction. In the payments industry, it is the customer’s primary […]

GPayments brings 3D Secure to Kyrgyzstan 

Sydney, 4 March, 2019 – GPayments, a leading provider of payment authentication solutions, announced today its collaboration with Interbank Processing Center (IPC) of Kyrgyzstan. GPayments is providing IPC with ActiveAccess to use as its 3-D Secure Access Control Server (ACS) hosted solution for its client banks. The project is already well underway with IPC’s first client […]

Exploring Out of Band Authentication in EMVCo 3D Secure 2.0

Out of band (OOB) authentication represents the authentication mechanism that involves the presence of two varied signals from two distinct channels or networks. The objective of OOB implementation is to ward off any attacks by hackers and prevent fraudulent users that have access to only one of these channels. Within the realm of online banking, […]

What is Mir Accept by Mir Payment System

The Mir Payment system is a young Russian national payment card system that is making waves. Mir began issuing cards in 2015, and has continued expanding their services since. The payment system makes use of several security protocols, which we will introduce in this blog. The History of Mir The Mir Russian National Payment Card […]

How does 3D Secure adapt to the mobile commerce boom?

Mobile commerce is rapidly on the rise. Out of all global eCommerce sales, mobile commerce has grown from 40.2% in terms of transaction value in 2015, to 58.9% just two years later in 2017 (source: eMarketer[1]). This is all happening while eCommerce itself is a growing market. Further, in certain countries where mobile device adoption […]

GPayments is now open in Tokyo!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new office in Tokyo! In the heart of Japan’s busiest city, Tokyo is the perfect place for our office expansion.  This office has been set up to distribute our new 3-D Secure (3Dセキュア) solutions and to offer support to our clients. GPayments is a company focused […]

Biometric Identification is the Future for CNP Fraud Prevention

In January of this year, Mastercard announced that by the second quarter of 2019 all customers will be able to identify themselves with biometrics. The push for such technologies has been driven by the increase in mobile technology and online shopping methods, these innovations have brought with them the increased risk of identity theft and […]

Visa Japan – Risk Management Council Meeting

GPayments recently had the pleasure of attending the Visa Annual Japan Risk Management Council meeting. We were invited by Visa, who provided us the opportunity to present to 50 leading risk executives from Japan’s major financial institutions. The presentation was on 3D Secure 2, it addressed the innovations’ benefits and implementation procedures. At GPayments, we believe […]