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Visa and Internet’s Top Industry Players Aggressively Promote Global Adoption of Authenticated Payment





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Visa and Internet’s Top Industry Players Aggressively Promote Global Adoption of Authenticated Payment

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More Than 60 Top Internet Solutions Providers Join Visa to Ensure Safe, Secure Online Shopping Experience for Consumers, e-Merchants

Continuing its leadership role in Internet payments, Visa International today announced that more than 60 of the world’s top Internet solutions providers – companies focused on payment software, security, fraud detection, and customer management – have been working together with Visa for over one year to speed the global deployment of Visa Authenticated Payment, a comprehensive e-commerce program designed to ensure safe and secure online payment transactions.

Visa Authenticated Payment, which builds upon the company’s Global Secure E-Commerce initiative launched in June 2000, will enhance the security of Internet-based payments on a global scale and vastly improve the payment service for merchants, consumers and Visa Members. Implementation of the program is already underway in many countries within each Visa region, including Asia Pacific, Canada, CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East, Africa), the European Union, Latin America and Caribbean, and the United States.

Visa has been working with a number of vendors for more than a year to develop and test Visa Authenticated Payment. More recently, Visa has established partnerships with a number of global firms to promote and support adoption by bank Issuers and merchants. These include Accenture, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. Together, the vendor partners (a partial list of partners participating in this program is attached) will provide the necessary products and services to support a fast uptake in the market.

“Having worked closely with Visa for many years, we are pleased to support this global payments leader and its member banks as they increase their ability to provide secure Internet transactions and market new u-commerce capabilities,” said Richard Cornelius, an Accenture partner.

“We welcome the Visa Authenticated Payment Program which supports highly flexible yet scalable secure e-payments and have developed a portfolio of services to ensure that banks can rapidly implement to meet the specific needs of their business,” said Michael Gordon, global head of transaction banking for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

“Visa International’s global initiative to authenticate Visa card purchases on the Internet demonstrates its commitment to preserve the online free marketplace, and Sun Microsystems stands ready to help execute the Visa Authenticated Payment Program with our proven, reliable, scalable and secure technology,” said David Littlewood, director, Sun Microsystems world wide financial services global sales operation. “On the Internet, even more than in other areas of our lives, trust is the real currency.”

Visa Authenticated Payment supports 3-D Secure as a new authentication technology in addition to 3-D SET. Visa has worked closely with the vendors in the program to gather important feedback in developing this authentication solution that’s both easy to implement and quick to market. The resulting 3-D Secure 1.0 specification has been released and is currently being deployed in the marketplace.

“Our Members and merchants have given us very positive feedback on the Visa Authenticated Payment program and we anticipate a significant demand for products and services to support their implementation plans,” said Philip Yen, executive vice-president of e-Visa International. “We’re pleased that key vendor partners will be in a position to meet the demand, giving our Members quality and choice. Together, we can help to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience for consumers and merchants by adding extra security protections and preventing fraud.”

Consumers, e-Merchants Benefit from Visa Authenticated Payment

With Visa Authenticated Payment, Visa is providing the same level of security in the virtual world as Visa has in the physical world. The global program is integral to Visa’s continuing efforts to realise universal commerce (u-commerce), the ability to conduct commerce securely and conveniently, anywhere, anytime, and over any kind of device.

Consumers will have greater confidence knowing that Visa, their financial institutions and merchants are incorporating a variety of measures to protect their transactions when they shop online. When a cardholder enrolls in Visa Authenticated Payment, the cardholder and their financial institution validate the online transaction, just as they do at the check-out stand in the physical world when they sign the sales receipt.

Visa Authenticated Payment is just one example of Visa’s continuing efforts to develop, enhance and advance payments around the world through the development of standards. Other examples include: Open Platform; Common Electronic Purse Specification (CEPS); the EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) standard for chip, credit and debit cards; and the new Visa Global Invoice Specification based on XML.

About Visa
Visa is the world’s leading payments brand and the largest payments system worldwide. Visa-branded cards generate almost US$2 trillion in annual volume and are accepted at over 22 million locations around the world. The Visa organisation plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions and their cardholders. Visa is a leader in Internet based payments and is pioneering the creation of u-commerce, or universal commerce – the ability to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere, over any type of device.

VISA Authenticated Payment – Vendor Participation List

Media Joe Krakoviak Media & Analyst Relations, Banking & Capital Markets Phone: 917-452-2406 Sales and Marketing Matthew Helber Financial Services, Solution Engineering Phone: 415-796-2614 matthew.d..helber@accenture.comACI Worldwide
Media Gene Hinkle Phone: 402-390-8906 Sales and Marketing Jeff Beulke Phone: 402-390-8038

Aether Systems
Media/Sales and Marketing Paula Chase-Hyman PR Manager Phone: 443-394-5483 Cell: 410-493-5741

Media Contact Guy Netef Phone: 212-803-8181 Sales and Marketing Roy Bricker VP of Product Management Phone: 212-803-8181

Arcot Systems, Inc.
Media Contact: Doug Free VP Corporate Marketing Phone: 408-969-6243 Sales and Marketing Visa USA, Visa Canada and Visa Latin America Bill Moore, VP South Carolina, USA Phone: 843-559-5514

Visa EU and Visa CEMEA
Gary Copeland, Account Director London, England Phone: +44 1753 708 794 Visa Asia-Pacific Mark Cullimore, VP Singapore Phone: +65 9686 7095

Media/Sales and Marketing Timothy M. Lee Vice President, Business Development Phone: 415-538-1282 Cell: 415-786-7286

Brokat Technologies
Media Scott Geddes General Manager, M-Business Phone: 678-533-4760 Cell: 678-463-9684 Sales and Marketing Chris Hale Director of Marketing, M-Business Phone: 678-533-4635

Camtech (A division of Keycorp Limited)
Media/Sales and Marketing Andrew Weller Manager E-Commerce Managed Services Keycorp Limited Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia Phone: +61 419 900 363 Fax: +61 8 8303 4403

Cap Gemini Ernst Young
Media Michelle Perkins Global PR Manager Phone: + (0) 870 904 5688 David A. Schutzman Phone: 212-944-6464×324 Sales and Marketing Steven Smeltzer US Practice Leader for “Transaction Banking” Phone: 949-440-4770

Michael Gordon Global Practice Leader for “Transaction Banking” Phone: 44 (0) 870 904 5634 Lesley Tulley Global Marketing Manager Phone: +44 (0) 870 904 3580 Artemis Saridakis US Marketing Manager Phone: 212-773-8918

CardinalCommerce Corporation
Media/Sales and Marketing John R. Lazzaro Senior Vice President Phone: 440-352-8444/x137 Fax: 440-352-1646

Clear Commerce
Media Nancy Harris Director of Marketing Phone: 512-832-0132 Sales and Marketing Judy Berghoefer VP Business Development Phone: 512-832-0132

Cybersource Corporation
Sales and Marketing Steven Klebe VP, Strategic Alliances-Payment & Risk Phone: 650-965-6054 Tracy Wilk VP, Product Management-Payment

Media Beatriz Garcia Director Phone: 212-977-5402 x170 Fax: 212-977-5457 Sales and Marketing Scott Moss Executive Vice President Sales Phone: 212-977-5402 x173 Fax: 212-977-5457

Media Cindy Whiteman Phone: 678-867-8006 Sales and Marketing Carol McDonnell VP Card Products Phone: 800-215-6280 x72238

Media/Sales and Marketing Jason Andersson Director Mobile Commerce Phone: +46 8 508 79918

Media Joe Talbott Phone: 916-983-6878

First Ecom (Canada) Inc.
Media/Sales and Marketing Peter De Rosa President Toronto, Ontario Phone: 416-367-7011 Fax: 416-367-7023

Media Kerry Butler Corporate Media Relations Phone: 215-390-1541 Sales and Marketing Bernard Vion Technical Director Phone: 650-654-2909 Fax: 650-654-2930

Go Software
Media/Sales and Marketing Tony Abruzzio 912-527-4500

Gpayments Pty Ltd
Media/Sales and Marketing Bahram Boutorabi, CEO Ramtin Shams, CTO Brent Clark, VP Business Strategy Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia Phone: +61 2 9913 3088 Fax: +61 2 9913 3077

Media Jeff Gluck Director of Public Relations, IBM Sales and Distribution Phone: 914-642-6219 Tom Yates TSI Phone 212-320-2326

Media/Sales and Marketing Kristan Almgren Corporate Communications/Product Marketing Phone: 650-232-3761

iPrivacy LLC
Media/Sales and Marketing Ruvan N. Cohen, CEO Dr. Salvatore Stolfo, Chief Scientific Advisor Phone: 212-745-1136

iShopSecure, Inc.
Sales and Marketing Joseph A. McDonnell, CEO/Chairman Mark Crowson, EVP Phone: 954-438-2711; toll free: 888-533-5300 Fax: 954-438-2712

Microsoft Corporation
Media/Sales and Marketing Peter Haubold Phone: 415-972-6492 Cell: 415-336-5951 Warren Lewis Phone: 425-706-3304

( Media/Sales and Marketing Carles Guillot – Business Development Phone: +33 6 84 96 84 84

Molan Corporation
Media Tim Goode Goode Communications Phone: 650-365-7040 Sales and Marketing Lanre Amos General Manager Phone: 650-938-0180 x301

Broadband Communications Sector Media/Sales and Marketing Dwight Sakuma Director of Market Development Phone: 215-323-1492

Media/Sales and Marketing Pad (S. Padmanabhan) Executive Vice President Phone: 805-692-9944 Cell: 805-448-0228

Oasis Technology, Ltd.
Media Neil Parmenter Manager of Public Relations Phone: 416-228-8000 Sales and Marketing Barbara Dowie Director, ePayments & Alliances Oasis Technology, Ltd Phone: 650-638-9871 Cell: 650-222-5436

One Empower Pte Ltd
Sales and Marketing Nicholas Fung, CEO Phone: +65-2485113 Sang Chu-Yong, CTO Phone: +65-2485128 Dr. Shum Kam-Hong, SVP Technology Services Phone: +65-2485121

Media Reema Bahnasy Phone: 650-506-3397 Sales and Marketing Paige O’Neill Phone: 650-506-2088

Media Jessica Brier Phone: 212-486-2600 x114

QSI Payments
Media Jennifer Prantl, Marketing Manager Phone: 720-564-0976 Sales and Marketing Forrest Grein, VP Strategic Accounts Phone: 530-432-5420

Schlumberger Sema
Media/Sales and Marketing Tony Ball Director, Strategic Accounts Phone: 512-257-3814 Fax: 512-257-3936 Cell: 512-293-3365

Media/Sales and Marketing Lea Bibbo Phone: 650-232-1162 Cell: 650-315-4664

Sonera SmartTrust, Ltd.
Media Rain Eriksoo Vice President Marketing Phone: +46 8 685 9300 Sales and Marketing Matti Heikkila Director of Business Development Phone: +44 7899 791 728

SUN Microsystems
Media/Sales and Marketing Terri Nissen Phone: 650-786-9722

Media/Sales and Marketing Willie Sha Manager EC & Card Solutions Phone: + 81 3 3457 4297

Transale Ltd
Sales and Marketing Primary contact: Mike Mooney Phone: 212-809-3215 EU/Israel sales contact: Ovadia Ovadia Phone: 972.9.952.6930 Technical contact: Hagit Yosha Phone: 972.54.496.968

Trintech Group Plc
Media Cara Sloman Nadel Phelan, Inc. Phone: 831-440-2411 For EMEA Breda Leonard Marketing Communications Manager Phone: +353 1 205 4997 Sales and Marketing USA & Canada – John McGrane, 650-227-7004 Latin America – Pedro Soto, 786-388-1951 Asia Pacific – Robin Prew, 852-2824-4833 EMEA – Conor Dowd, 353-1-207-4168

Unisys Corporation
Media Janet Jones Marketing Manager, Global Financial Industries Phone: 704-510-4502 Fax: 704-510-4384 Sales and Marketing George Kaadi Primary 3D Secure Contact Phone: 905-502-6905 Thomas Steinmetz Director of Marketing & Channel Management NA Financial Services, Global Industries Phone: 804-967-7374

Media Rich Black Public Relations Phone: 650-567-9490 Sales and Marketing Joe Bartolone Sales Manager Phone:650-567-5734 Cell: 775-848-5288



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